Great Lengths Extensions

~ Available at our West Edmonton Mall and Kingsway locations only ~
Great Lengths extensions have been one step ahead from the start: no other system has developed a comparable non-compromising technique of attaching additional strands to the customer’s own hair. It goes without saying that only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality is used.

Great Lengths®has a comprehensive structured Certification Program that is proven to
prepare the hair extension artists in Edmonton to properly consult with potential hair extension clients and to provide a professional and technically superior hair extension service in Edmonton. We understand the importance of thoroughly educating all Great Lengths® hair extension artists in Edmonton, not only for the protection of the hair extension client but also to protect the artist and the integrity and reputation of Great Lengths®.

Method of Application

Great Length’s Extension method is unique: no other system treats your hair in such a gentle way because
Great Lengths extensions have put an end to gluing, knotting and welding. Our modulation hair extension Edmonton technique is a revolutionary system an extremely durable yet gentle bonding attaches Great Lengths hair o your own hair.
1. The first step is the consultation. Together with your stylist, you decide the look you want to achieve and the right color hair and quantities are chosen.

2. At approximately 1.5cm distance from the scalp, the single strands are applied one by one by means of Great Length’s Classic or Ultrasonic machine,

3. Rows of strands are applied in order to achieve the desired result.

4. The bonding has outstanding duration, but can be removed whenever you wish.

5. Great Length’s Extension patented polymer is a highly technological compound of molecules whose structure is similar to that of human hair, resulting in absolute compatibility with your own hair.

Tahnee | Certified Great Lengths Stylist

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