Dear Danny,
I have so much to give thanks for. Firstly may I thank you for
having the good business sense and fortitude to make my past 40 treatments at
Spasation possible. Secondly let me congratulate you on having some of THE BEST
staff in the industry. As a former spa and salon owner I am well aware of the
incredible achievement that is. You have REMARKABLE front end staff like
“Cheryl” who showed so much kindness and grace on every opportunity. But she is
only the first person who has made my and my children’s experience at your spa
unforgettable. Selma, the spa manager, is the most professional, considerate,
talented and kind person I have encountered in any service industry in at least
five years. My massage therapist Lidia, is hands down, THE BEST massage
therapist around. And I have seen MANY. So many talented and kind people who
made every visit an absolute joy. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the
pleasure of experiencing Spasation. I am blessed.